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12-Year-Old's Suicide Sparks Social-Media Outrage: Is It Enough?

posted Dec 11, 2014, 1:43 PM by Youth Suicide Awareness Action Team
It’s been nearly a week since Ronin Shimizu, 12, a bright-eyed California boy who was passionate about cheerleading and fashion, committed suicide, following years of being bullied. And in the time since his death, social media has exploded with post-mortem sorrow, outrage, and several tributes, as well as a memorial Go Fund Me page that’s raised more than $10,000 in just two days.

“The fact that kids bullied this twelve year old boy so bad that he wanted to take his own life makes me sick to my stomach,” cried out one tweet in an endless stream of those using hashtags #RIPRonin and #RIPRoninShimizu this week. “That poor boy was only 12 years old,” wrote another. “Watch your words, they can cause more pain than you may know.”

But still another expressed a feeling of futility. It asked, simply, “Why do people only start paying attention when it’s too late?”

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